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Almyrol ®

Disinfecting and cleaning concentrate without aldehydes for medical instruments and endoscopes.

Lysoformin ® 3000

Disinfecting and cleaning concentrate for instruments, equipment, and surfaces; particularly appropriate ...

Trichlorol ®

Disinfection of surfaces, equipment and medical devices by wiping

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Exclusive agent for distributing the products of the German company Lysoform Dr. Hans Rosemann GmbH. LLC

LYSOFORM has been one of the world's largest brands, a synonym for disinfectants. Lysoform means hygiene, cleanliness and health.

Certified by MED / CERT

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Scope Of Activities

Hospital Working Day
"Lysoform" Group offers the complex hygienic system for health facilities:
Inventory and means for cleaning, disinfection and sterilization.
We have collected the exhaustive set of the up-to-date products which enable to create the safe conditions for treatment of patients and comfortable work of personnel.
We have gathered for you everything you need to maintain restaurants, hotels, fitness centers, transport, offices, retails, shopping malls, laundries, dry cleaners and educational facilities. Lysoform Group of Companies offers a comprehensive solution to the issue of cleanliness and hygiene: professional detergents and disinfectants, qualitative accessories and equipment for cleaning, dosing systems, personal hygiene products.
Cleaning Hospital Room
Vaccine Production Line
Lysoform Company offers professional certified detergents and disinfectants of the Diversey, Blanidas and Suez trademarks for performing sanitary hygiene, treatment and purification of water at enterprises of any industries including:
food industry (production of beer and beverage, dairy production, meat processing, oil-fat production, confectionery, etc.), chemical, metallurgical, energy industry, etc.
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