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Almyrol edited.jpg

Disinfecting and cleaning concentrate without aldehydes for medical instruments and endoscopes.

Trichlorol® edited.png

Disinfection of surfaces, equipment and medical devices by wiping

lysoformin_plus_schaum edioted.jpg

Fast-acting disinfecting and cleaning foam for medical inventory

Fugaten edited.jpg

Alcohol based ready-to-use disinfecting solution for the rapid disinfection of surfaces, objects and medical devices

Blanisol edited.jpg

Alcohol cleaner concentrate for surfaces.

Lysoformin_spezial edited.jpg

Wipe Disinfection of surfaces and medical devices

Aldasan2000_edited 3.jpg
Aldasan® 2000

Disinfecting and cleaning concentrate for surfaces, equipment, medical instruments and endoscopes.


Disinfectant and cleaning concentrate for the disinfection of surfaces, objects and medical devices by wiping.

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