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Seko Detergent Hand Pump

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Seko Detergent Hand Pump


ProDose is used to control the flow of highly concentrated chemicals used in small volumes for a specific range of jobs. The system is a button that can be fixed on both vertical and horizontal surfaces. When you press the button, a pre-set amount of chemistry is pumped. The required volume can be adjusted with one click. The system has proven itself in car washes when dosing rubber blackening compounds, plastic polishes, leather conditioners, windshield wipers, etc.


● adjustable to deliver 7.5, 15, 22 or 30 cc with each press;
● compact design;
● easy and fast installation;
● versatility - the dosage of both detergents and solvents and chlorine-containing products;
● reliability - the spring does not come into contact with liquid;
● Serviceability - The inlet/outlet valve can be easily removed for cleaning and replacement.

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